Frutas y Verduras - A Fresh Food Lover's Guide to Mexico

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Traveling or moving to Mexico? Frutas y Verduras is your essential fresh-food lover's guide! Identify, choose, prepare and enjoy more than 50 regional and indigenous fruits and vegetables at the foundation of the cuisine.

Each day, locals gather and glean fresh harvest from the fields and countryside to bring to market and sell street-side. With this guide you'll be able to choose these with confidence, even ask for them by name! Eating locally, you not only experience the height of freshness, you'll also experience flavors and textures that will tantalize your palate, and enrich your gastronomic and cultural experience of Mexico. 

In the guide, you'll find:

Color Slideshows  •  Audio Pronunciation  •  Simple Recipes  •  Nutritional information  •  Special Cautions  •  Preparation and Storage Notes              ...

Mexico has a rich culture of sustainable, regional fresh ingredients; learn when, where and how to eat each of these new-to-you foods. A wealth of information, at your fingertips....Disfrútalo!


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$11.99 $7.49

Frutas y Verduras - A Fresh Food Lover's Guide to Mexico